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 For Ice Hockey Pick-up (Drop-in) at "The Gardens Ice House (TGIH)"


Goalie Schedule
Contact Clark Forden, Goalie Scheduler for reservations or information

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1. Arrival -- The two scheduled goaltenders for the pickup session should arrive thirty (30) minutes prior to the session start time at the latest.  Fifteen (15) minutes prior to start is the "Cut-Off Time".  If the scheduled goalies arrive by the Cut-Off Time, they will be the only two goalies for the session, regardless of how many other goaltenders show up.  For example:  The Cut-Off Time will be 10:45am for an 11:00am start.

SCHEDULED GOALTENDERS DO NOT SHARE ICE TIME WITH NON-SCHEDULED (Walk-On) GOALIES; IN THIS CASE, WALK-ON GOALIES DO NOT PLAY. Benefit of the doubt goes to the scheduled goalies.  For the sake of simplicity and fairness, the sessions will not normally have more than 2 goalies on the ice.

2. Sharing -- HOWEVER, if either of the scheduled goaltenders arrives after the Cut-Off time, and a Walk-On goalie has shown up prior to the Cut-Off, the late and the scheduled goalies will have to split time (fair, timed rotations) with the "Walk-On" and this will be one of two exceptions to more than 2 goalies present at a session. 

The other exception to only two goalies in a session, both of the scheduled goalies have to agree to share the time slot with one or more Walk-On Goalie(s).  If one of the scheduled goalies disagrees with sharing, then there will be no sharing.  The front-desk staff or rink/pickup supervisor can/should be used to communicate the decision of the scheduled goalies to the Walk-On's if there is a need.  Final decisions on this matter or any other related to goalie scheduling at, or just prior to, the time slot is left to the front-desk staff or rink/pickup supervisor.

3. No Shows -- Of course, if the scheduled goalie is a total no-show, the Walk-On goalie can play in his/her place.  Not showing up without a replacement or advance notice is not good and can negatively impact access to future slots.  Goalies have been removed from consideration for future reservations for not showing.

4. Minimum Play Time -- Scheduled goalies are expected to play at least one and one-half (1 1/2) hours when the session is two hours in length, or, at least one and one-quarter (1 1/4) hours when the session is one and one-half (1 1/2) hours.

5. New Goalies -- Walk-on goalies who wish to be put into the rotation on a temporary or longer basis, should email Goalie Scheduler.  Please provide a couple of contact phone numbers for yourself, at least one with voice mail if possible.  If you are new to the area and wish to join, or be an on-call back-up, for one of the TGIH adult hockey league teams please email John Scavilla, the TGIH Goalie Pool Manager.

6. Doing Our Best -- There is no guarantee that any given goalie will be in goal with any established regularity, and no such promise is suggested or implied. The Goalie Scheduler is neither paid by nor an employee of The Gardens Ice House.  He is eager to raise and maintain the high standard of our Ice Hockey pick-up sessions.  Goalies are the heart of a good pick-up experience so we will work to see that there are two reliable goalies for each of the pick-up sessions each week, that is it.  Most of the listed public pickups have volunteer coordinators/facilitators who run the sessions.  We will do our best to introduce you to each other in advance.

7. Goalie's Commitment -- If a goalie commits to a particular session, but finds they cannot make it, the goalie should try their best to contact the Goalie Scheduler as soon as possible - if it less than 30 hours prior to the session, the goalie should try to contact another goaltender as a replacement and let the scheduler know.  If you give the scheduler a reasonable amount of time, a replacement can usually be assigned the slot. 

8. Inclement Weather -- In the case of severe weather or other severe conditions, scheduled goalies will not be expected to fulfill their session if the rink is closed.  To find out if the rink is closed, please call the rink front desk at 301-953-0100 ext 102.  Otherwise, the Goalie Scheduler, TGIH and its staff, will do their best to keep scheduled goalies informed of cancellation of pick-up sessions well in advance.

9. Cancellations  -- As The Gardens Ice House (TGIH) facilities are in high demand and they have to have flexibility in their schedule, it is recommended that you call in advance to the rink "the day of" to confirm that a particular session is indeed happening.  Call Guest Services at 301-953-0100 EXT-102 or 410-792-4947 EXT-102.  We will do our best to ensure an accurate Goalie Schedule but we cannot be held accountable or liable for any inconvenience to anyone for changes TGIH makes at the last minute or errors in the schedule.  It is rare that noon-time skates are cancelled and even rarer that 6am sessions are cancelled but it is not uncommon for evening sessions to be cancelled.  TGIH tries to give everyone advance notice of those cancellations on their website (at the very least) and we will reflect them on the Goalie Schedule as best we can as we learn about them.

10. Advance Requests -- Some sessions are more popular than others so you might want to get signed up in advance.  The Goalie Scheduler reserves the right to limit the number of sessions honored.  He can limit those reservations to "every other week" or other workable scenarios for a high-demand time slot.  Exceptions to that can include if the slot is still open 48 hours prior. 

11. Age Limitations -- For the most part, goalies must be 18 years or older to participate.  Exceptions may be granted in particular circumstances, as in having a legal guardian or parent participating on ice with you -- but this should be worked out in advance with the Goalie Scheduler and the session facilitator/coordinator.  The 50+ sessions do not require a goalie aged 50 or more... they appreciate anyone over 18 serving net duty.

12. Skill Level -- Unless noted otherwise, there are no skill requirements for goalies to participate.  The current exception is the Friday evening session where the goalie skill level needs to be at Adult B (USA Hockey Silver) level or better.  The evaluator, John Scavilla, will make the determination when there is a question of skill level.  We apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort due to the skill standard of this particular session. 

Please Note --: Some goalies schedule regularly and substantially in advance, a practice we encourage. If you find you wish one, or more, of those sessions, please contact the scheduler. Usually we can accommodate your request, as members of the goalie community are friendly and accommodating. 

Thanks for participating. Protect the Goal, and have a ton of fun -- as this is really what all of this is about,

Clark Forden
Volunteer Goalie Scheduler at The Gardens Ice House for Ice Hockey Pickups

P.S.  Credit and thanks go to Phil Candela for the base goalie guidelines that have worked well for years.

Revision date:  April 16, 2008

Goalie Schedule

Contact Clark Forden, Goalie Scheduler for reservations or information

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